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Hot Puppies offers handmade bandanas for your pooch...or any other creature. Designs vary from classic bold colored soft jersey cotton(t-shirt material) to classy patterns like plaid, stripes and polka-dots to fun and fancy prints. Fabrics include cotton, flanel and corderoy. Designs are offered for all seasons, holidays and interests!

All pattern and print bandanas are split in half to add a solid color behind your choosen fabric. This really shows off the color and design in the fabric on your dog and give you the option to wear the bandana 2 ways for 2 looks! Jersey cotton bandanas are available in one or two colors.

Options include fancy multi-colored stiching, a wide variety of sizes and the addition of soft jersey cotton to compliment any bandana.

Hot Puppies allows payment through Paypal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments or our own secure credit card system. Please feel free to contact us for any additional questions or comments!